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Mahnoor Baloch Hollywood Movie Torn Reviews

Pakistan is in a phase of re-establishing its Silver Screen and Mahnoor Baloch has been a prominent part in the latest feature of Pakistani Cinema, named Mai hoon Shahid Afridi. Torn 2013 on the other hand remains to be Baloch’s first International venture, let alone the venture being of Hollywood.

Mahnoor Torn Movie

Directed by Jeremiah Birnbaum Torn is an 80 minute intense Drama featured movie that revolves around two families. Dendrie Taylor plays the role of a single suburban mother, who works hard to raises her only son. The other family however is a Pakistani couple, played by Faran Tahir and Mahnoor Baloch.

The writer of the movie, Michael Richter is a budding play writer. He promises the story line to be captivating and inspiring, that breaks through the social cliches. The movie features Mahnoor Baloch, a prominent Pakistani born actress who has lived a good part of her life in America. Baloch started her career as a model and made her Pakistani Television debut in 1993.

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