Sunday , June 16 2019

Meera Naveed Pervaiz

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  1. meera pakistan govt is with you,indian govt is with you,public is with you media is with you this person khalid parveez and naveed parveez marked your reputation in distress you could file a lawsuit against them in usa for 15, 20 million dollars.that will teach them a good lesson and also investigate how they changed their names in usa to get political asylem.their brains will come to senses.

  2. khalid pareez and naveed parveez father and son tried to loot Meeras property first they tried with sheba naveeds firts wife and now meera.
    meera should file a lawsuit for 20 million dollars against naveed parveez for lying about his first wife sheba and puting meera down in public ruputaion i disgrace.
    Meera zindabad

  3. Naveed parveez son of Khalid parveez first tried to get shebas house and now Naveeds father wanted meeras house but Meera got lucky he showed his intensions he wanted meers house by showing the check he gave to meera to the media.
    Attiq ur rehman should file a case against naveed parveez and khalid parveez and so should Meera against khalid parveez for damging her reputation in usa since both received political asylem in usa fraudulently by giving fake documentaion to us govt with the help of his friend DIG SUKHAR Zulifqar ali.

  4. Meera ‘s and captain Naveed a parveez shame ful act abortion of a child.
    on the other hand khalid parveez trying to get DR jehanzeb khan trapped by making her own daughter pragnent
    Khalid parveez and naveed parveez shameful behaviour by forcing someones daughter Meera having a abortion killing a baby and on the other hand trapping Dr jehanzeb khan by having a baby.
    what a beautiful trap khalid parveez attiq ur rehamn in middle of no where and just watching this new episode of a movie.

  5. Meera peace loving actress establishing great international relations between countries like india , pakistan,canada and usa,unfortuanately trapped by Khalid Parveez & Capt naveed parveez who basically are criminals got us immigration on fradulent grounds by submitting fake FIR ‘S police reports.
    United airlines should investigate Naveeds history how he got green card and citizenship documents provided were all fake khalid parveez has shown his latest influence with police first by trapping Meeras car then trapping meera in abortion case.
    Meera should file a complaint in us ambasy in pakistan to investigate naveed parveez and khalid parveez immigration documentation.
    khalid parveez his son Capt naveed parveez daughter sidra parveez second wife of khalid parveez husna parveez all should be deported from usa.

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