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Nabeel Shaukat Ali Winner of Sur Kshetra

Sur Kshetra a music battle between Pakistan and India, which began more then 2 months ago has been ended finally and we are proudly announcing this good news that the winner is from Pakistan. Nabeel Shaukat Ali, participant of Sur Kshetra from Lahore, after facing all the hurdles and tackles he has finally won the winning trophy.The grand finale of Sur Kshetra was held at the World Trade Centre on Thursday.

Previously, there were six contestants each from both teams in total i.e: From India and Pakistan. They got eliminated one by one. The two final contestants of the teams were Nabeel Shaukat Ali form Lahore and  Diljaan from Jalandhar. After 3 hours of exciting performances form both the teams, the battle between the two contestants ended. And Pakistani contestant Nabeel Shaukat Ali got declared as the winner of Sur Kshetra.

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  1. Nabeel got lucky 🙂 don’t get me wrong he is talented.

  2. Congratulation nabeel . Muje shura se he yakeen tha k Tum he jeeto ga. beshak aasha ji ne junta b india Ki favour kiya lakin jeet Pakistan Ki he tho.

  3. Great Nabeel we are proud of your. Tum ne indians ko hamre mulk ke logon ka talent dikha diya aur samjaha diya

  4. Wel done. You both are brelient but Nabeel is rocking & best performer.

  5. i m Bangladeshi nabeel ……… you r true/ honest/ best man or suro ko barkar rakhiye ga bcoz you r the threat of indian music industry india ki to band bazega…………..lakin ap bohot asse insan ho

  6. Cngrats Nabeel aap nai india ki kumar tood di waw.

  7. nabeel was deserving nd ol credt goes to atif aslam.

  8. India is a gr8 nation which gave a chance to pakistani singers even though the relation b/w the two countries are not cordial. India has a big heart to keep a final round as a round for versatile singer though everybody knew Nabeel is versatile and Diljaan is excellent in his zone and they made nabeel winner. No other country forget pakistan will evet make such show for Indians and make them winner. Instead of praising India and Asha ji and himeshji who always said good points for pak singers you guys are still saying bad things. Atif is no dount a good singer but he used to teach bado ko ijjat to Aman although he himself used very bad words for Ashaji and Himeshji. India will not tolerate anything against its legends like Ashaji. Atif should not forget India gave him fame and his bread&butter.

  9. singers from both the sides were excellent but really asha was doing too much favouritism but as far as captains are conceared himesh is having a big heart then atif he was having a broader view and were really appreaciting the talent and in the end better becomes best, you make us proud nabeel

  10. Both teams were better, Pakistan’s team all songs sang better to indian singers. And Nabeel was so talented in all our episodes. I hope he will be good singer in future, I do suggest to indian singer they so good singer.

  11. I think Diljan is exceptionally talented in his zone. He struggled when he sang songs different from his zone. Nevertheless Nabeel sang different types of songs with confidence. It is really difficult to compare two singers who sing different types of songs. I personally wouldn’t compare two singers like Nabeel and Diljan. I like both and best of luck to both for their future.

  12. Koi na koi na ye to ek chota platform tha waise be har ke jitne wale ko bajigar kehte hai best wishes with yashraj,diljan,nd also with navil

  13. No 1 iz betr then yashraj in surshetra… Agr yashraj finalist hota to pak ko hila kr rakh deta… Indian rocks

  14. congratulation atif bhai

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