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Pitch An Indo-Pak Peace Film By Ali Kapadia

Ali Kapadia is a Pakistani film maker who has just not passion about film-making but also the courage to take it very seriously. His debut film Pitch, which is under process, has all the markings of a great block buster. Ali Kapadia’s Peace movie is set in 2008, right after the Mumbai attacks, when the blame game is in full swing and the threat of war looms. On the mighty Himalayas in Kashmir, two soldiers , one Pakistani and the other Indian, are trapped together due to a sandstorm. Will they work together to survive OR………

The script for this movie has been finalized and the cast shall be finalized end of May 2012. Ali Kapadia has the potential to become a great story teller. His previous work is a testament to this. He is very passionate about his dream of becoming a film director and has previously worked on impressive projects.  He has left his job, his apartment and has moved back to Pakistan in order to pursue his dreams.

Here is Ali’s Pitch and his Kickstarter Campaign for funding.  Please visit to show your support and help fund the project.

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