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Reema Khan Is Expecting Her First Baby

Leading Pakistani film actress and producer Reema Khan is expecting her first baby and she had extended US stay till August 2012. Reema khan got married to American based Cardiologist Dr.Tariq Shahab on November 16, 2011 at Virginia United States.

The Reema Khan and husband Dr Tariq Shahab are very happy to become parents whereas Reema expressed her joy saying, “It’s the biggest gift for a woman to become a mother”. Reema’s friends Rambo, Resham and Sahiba also congratulated her.

Recently, the couple Reema Khan and Dr Tariq Shahab also attended a reception in White House Washington, being invited by the US President Barack Obama to speak over the Bill to cut taxes. The reception was given to 100 Pakistanis by US State Department. We wish Reema Khan many blessings and good luck to be a mother soon.

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