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  2. Gilbert

    well, it depends on what kinda CV you want. there are clianohogrcol cv’s and then there are academic cv’s and then there are also skill-based cv’s. basically the kind of cv you want will depend on the job market/place you are targeting, for example, in the US, the cv style and preferences are different to what employers in sweden might want. US market prefer cv’s that are detailed whereas in sweden anything exceeding one page goes directly to the bin. what i do know is your CV must be polite and tidy. the best fonts to use on CV’s are the ones that are found everywhere and give a clean look such as arial or century gothic. if a pdf format is accepted, never send a word cv, pdf is more professional. in pakistan, detailed cv’s are more preferred but make sure that page 2+ are only taken by experience details. however, the most important thing is your cover letter. you need to literally TALK to the employer your heart out in your cover letter. do not use fancy language. when you writer a cover letter, you should write in a flow the same way you would introduce yourself on a phone by speaking. the point is your message is clear and tells about you not the copy paste gibberish.

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