3 responses to “Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister Punjab & Leader of PML(N)”

  1. rana muhammad shafique

    Shahbaz Sharif is one of the minister who is doing his job well. i rely like him a lot because he have a time for public, and he can well understand the problems of the peoples, i wan 2 be him a next prime minister of Pakistan, i just request to him, if possible plz do something 2 stop chingchi auto in lahore, bcoz they are so noisy and smoked, this is very worst public transport in lahore city, u see in any waay this auto is not gud for public, very pain ful 4 public, i wish him gud luk,

  2. zeeshan

    shahbaz sharif is a great man…am admirer of his abilities,really a hardworking person,having an aim to glorify nation…his unresting works against all the serious issues regarding health and education and public welfare r really admirable and superb…May ALLAH bless him and allow him to carry on his job with strong determination that he has….
    really a great man….mine favourite…

  3. imran khan

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