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  1. tariq jalal

    What a narrative! Are we expected to believe this narrative? People walked all they way from northern india with a military strategy of a 10 year old. Come on. … at least be smart when writing about your enemy to make it believable.

  2. Tariq

    Some of the information you have provided is incorrect.
    “Syed Ahmed understood that it was not possible to fight the British. They were better organized, better equipped and in firm control of most of the northern India. He, therefore, decided to emigrate to what is today the NWFP in Pakistan and wage a jihad from there. After beating the Sikhs in the NWFP and Kashmir, he imagined, he could then take on the British.”
    This clearly shows that Syed saheb did not have the courage to fight the British. Otherwise, if Jihad is necessary then there is no choice if you want to fight or not. Even if you think you are going to lose, you still fight. Just like the Holy Prophet (PBUH) never refused to fight, even though he always had fewer people than the disbelievers.
    Syed Ahmed Saheb has stated many a times that the only reason he didn’t fight the British was because they ruled with justice. Fighting against them would have been rebellion, and Islam is against Rebellion.
    I can provide proofs where Syed Ahmed sb has stated he didn’t fight the British on his own will.

  3. zaeema bukhari

    i want the shajra of syed ismail shaheed. ifany one have please paste it,

  4. Arshad Ali

    Arshad Ali

    the earthquake came in 8,october 2005

  5. A H A

    These two people were extremists and wanted to spread the ideology of abdulwahab najdi. Thanks God they were killed otherwise there would be najdiyat in subcontinent.


  6. A H A

    Even these two people were expelled from Muslims Nawab due to their najdi and wahabi ideas. I believe they were killed with the grace of Allah Almighty.

  7. Syed Muslim

    zaeema bukhari : Sister if you have not found the Shajra, I may provide one. Please email on smshah77@gmail.com

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