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The Lion is back!!! (written by Wasif Shakil Jang Group)

The Lion is back!!!
writen by : Wasif Shakil

The Lion is back with a bang from UK after what seems to be an implantation of a heavy-duty heart by British surgeons in London. It could only be a sturdy heart that inculcated in him the gallantry needed to stand against his ‘creators’. He stayed out of political arena for a considerable period of about two eventful months but reentered the scene with a formidable shot on a very first ball, hitting a powerful sixer.

Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif

‘Everyone’ was thunderstruck when the PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif, seen by some as creation of a military dictator, in his all attention grabbing press talk sought placement of stringent restraints on the holy cow, calling for its reigns to be handed to the civilian government.
During his maiden interaction with the local journalists after his return from UK, Nawaz following his meet with the US Ambassador Cameron Munter, made three groundbreaking demands:

1: It should be the prerogative of the Parliament alone to evolve and execute foreign policy with zero interference.
2: The budgetary allocations of Army and intelligence agencies should be made and passed by the parliament.
3: No more running of parallel government by intelligence agencies and dictation to the elected representatives of the country.

The earlier demand made by the Raiwind King for instituting a judicial probe into the Abottabad assault mission executed unilaterally by the US Navy seals on the moonless night of May 2, 2011 had already raised many a eyebrows including those of his ‘creators’.
One cannot help but look at these idealistic and what are mostly being dubbed as reckless wishes in total bewilderment as to what on earth propelled the PML-N leader to switch his course to this precarious path. But there is no denying the fact that the demands made by Nawaz Sharif hit at the crux of almost all the problems and ills that have been haunting the country since its coming into being.
Most of the political forces seem to have endorsed the demands. Even the top brass of Pakistan People’s Party has not mustered a single disapproving comment.
Having said that, pinning of too many hopes to the PML-N’s audacious stance is seen by many as not a very pragmatic thing to do in a country whose direction has always been determined by THE MIGHT.
P.S. – Why only the ‘selected men’ are at their ‘best’. Why not a professor, a doctor or a civil society activist is at his best. We need to redefine the roles of stakeholders of our country.
(Wasif Shakil is a staff member of Jang Group’s Online English editorial team)

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  1. Sultan Faiz Chaudhri

    Calling Nawaz Sharif a “Lion” is a disgrace to the lions of the jungle. The lions will come out on streets to protest against degrading and equating them to Nawaz Sharif. Jackals,however, will be too happy if you call Nawaz Sharif a Jackal. Claiming himself to be a lion and trying to lead human beings do not go together. There is no doubt that we pakistanis are no more than sheeps and goats. You do not need lions to lead and rule us. Only hynas are enough and we have so many of them in the form of present day politicians of Pakistan.

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