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Wiam Dahmani In Pakistani Movie Ishq Khuda

Finding a lead actress for his upcoming Sufi-drama film Ishq Khuda has been a great headache for director Shehzad Rafique. Since the pre production stage of the movie, we have only heard about actresses joining the project and then leaving it on midway for their personal and professional reasons.

Finally with the film hitting its sets earlier this month, the director Shehzad Rafique sort out the big actress issue by signing the sizzling Arabian actress Wiam Dahmani, replacing Zara Sheikh. Wiam Dahmani is not only in Pakistan these days to get her work recorded but has also quickly developed a unique love for the country and especially its food.

In her recent interview, the charming actress talked about Pakistan, her love for films and much more. Wiam not only has a little bit command on Urdu but has also kept a great eye on the issues related to Pakistani film industry.

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