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Haleema Rafique Female Cricketer Found Dead

Female cricketer Haleema Rafique was found dead, allegedly of poisoning and was buried in her homtown Multan, a private news channel reported. According to reports by other media channels, seventeen-year-old Rafique committed suicide. However, no police investigation has been launched in this regard as yet.

Pakistan female cricketer Haleema Rafique Suicide case.
Pakistan female cricketer Haleema Rafique Suicide case.

In 2013, Rafique, along with four other female cricketers, had accused the management of Multan Cricket Club of sexual harassment. The allegations were investigated and three of the accusing cricketers’ statements were recorded. All three of them denied charges of sexual assualt. Rafique and another cricketer did not appear before the investigating committee.

The committee had recommended to ban the five cricketers from playing all forms of cricket for six months w.e.f Oct 2013. Members of her family claim that she was being continuously threatened after she highlighted her case  in the media. They asserted that the under-19 female cricketers were being blackmailed to make certain compromises to join the team at Multan Cricket Ground.

However, police have reportedly said an investigation will be initiated against the cricketer’s family who did not inform the police about the suicide and buried her later.

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