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Pakistan Chances In Semifinlas

After loosing the match against India in super eight round, now Pakistan has to win the next match against Australia to qualify for the semifinals of the ICC T20 World Cup 2012. Pakistan team will hope to regain the confidence they showed in Dubai, or risk elimination from an event they looked in with a chance to win a few days ago. There also are more possibilities in which Pakistan can qualify for the semifinal.

1. Pak beats Aus + S.A beats Ind = Pak and Aus qualifies.
2. Pak beats Aus + Ind beats S.A by 50 runs = Pak and Ind qualifies
3. Aus beats Pak + S.A beats Ind by 60 runs = Aus and S.A qualifies
4. Aus beats Pak and S.A beats Ind by 15 runs = Aus and Pak qualifies

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