Pakistan Participation In Asia Cup 2014 – Updates

Asian Cricket council has scheduled Asia Cup 2014 to be held in Bangladesh, Pakistan has some security problems in this regard. Pakistan before participating will look upon the situation critically because currently the situation and environment in Bangladesh is not suitable for Pakistanis.

pakistan vs bangladesh 2014

PCB says that Bangladesh has anti-Pakistan emotions and it cannot let go the security problems to the team in Dhaka. However, the foreign ministry has also made its consent to be doubtful. PCB and foreign ministry cannot overlook the security dangers.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has asked for a team of army commandos and special accommodation for its entire contingent, as a prerequisite for their team’s participation for the Asia Cup to be held in Bangladesh in February.

Another additional measure is that BCB has to ensure that no protests or demonstrations are held within the vicinity of the hotel where Pakistan team is lodged and within a certain radius of the venue (the team would play),” concluded the source.

The PCB will also be sending its security manager, Colonel Azam to Bangladesh on January 19, to meet the BCB and government officials and discuss security plans for the Pakistan team.

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