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Pakistan Super League 2015 Postpone by PCB

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has decided to postpone Pakistan Super League (PSL) due to the time management and the financial condition of the bidders. In keeping with the decision taken by the 30th meeting of the Board of Governors, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Mr Shaharyar M. Khan met with the representatives of the two bidders for the Pakistan Super League (PSL) rights Haier and Aman Foundation here on Tuesday afternoon.

Pakistan Super League 2015 Postpone

The PCB chairman explained to the representatives of both the bidders that why it had become extremely difficult to organize the inaugural PSL edition in January. The PCB chairman thanked both the bidders on understanding the Board’s predicament while communicating to them cancellation of the bidding process, simultaneously handing back the financial proposals, bid security and bid participation fee to the bidders unopened. The newly elected chairman PCB M. Shahryar Khan praised the commitment showed by both the bidders for PSL.

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