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Salman Butt Returns Home After Prison

Salman Butt, the former Pakistan captain who was convicted of spot-fixing, has returned home after serving seven months in prison. He arrived in Lahore at around 2.30 on Friday morning, exited from the airport lobby and spoke to reporters. He said he was not involved in any spot-fixing but claimed his mistake was not to report to the ICC when an offer was made.

Butt, wearing a green polo shirt and jeans, was surrounded by a crowd as he made his way out of the airport after being cleared by Pakistan’s immigration authorities, and had to shout for walking space. “I have no links with spot-fixing nor I have never entertained any offer, nothing ever practically happened in a match that was linked to any offer,” he told reporters. “Of spot-fixing or any fixing, I never asked anyone to do anything or bowl any no-balls, I am not associated with it.

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