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Squash Sports Fights For Olympic – Jahangir Khan

It has been a disappointment for squash fans that it never get a place in Olympics, in 2005 the sport topped the vote but failed to get the required two-thirds majority. It failed again in 2009. Legendary Pakistan squash player Jahangir Khan vowed to keep fighting for a place for his sport in the Olympics despite the failed bid to join the 2020 Tokyo Games.

Jahangir Squash Olympics

The International Olympic Committee voted, on Sunday, to put wrestling back on the roster. Squash trailed in third place, winning 22 votes out of 95 cast, behind 49 for wrestling and 24 for baseball/softball. Khan, who set a record of 10 British open titles in 1991, said he would not be deterred from fighting hard for squash.

Khan, who won six world titles and had three stints as president of the World Squash Federation, said that this time around his sport had come the closest as yet to being inducted into the Olympics.

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