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Attabad Hunza Lake near to over flow – High Danger

Attabad Hunza lake water level has reached 370 feet. Danger of Over flow is increasing day by day rapidly. Rain spell continued overnight splashing across the entire Hunza valley including Ata Abad, triggering the fears regarding further surge at the Lake reported Wednesday may 19, 2010.

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Attabad Lake, Hunza, Pakistan (Artificial Lake)

Pakistan biggest artificial lake in Hunza valley , Gilgit Baltistan. It is situated in Attabad. It is around 12 kilometers vast. As depth of the lake formed on Hunza River reached 312 ft approximately rising at the daily average rate of 3.2 ft, the free board has reduced to around 55 ft.

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Satpara Lake, Skardu, Pakistan

In skardu another lake is called Satpara Lake. Satpara lake supplies water for the town of Skardu, It is located at 2,636 meters or 8,650 feet. It is one of the most picturesque lakes in Pakistan.

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Shangrila Lake, Skardu, Pakistan

Shangrila Lake is also known as Lower Kachura Lake. It is a part of the Shangrila resort. Shangrilla Lake is located at a drive of about 20 minutes from Skardu. It is a popular tourist destination.

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