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3G Auction Approved By Prime Minister

Auction of 3G is expected to be fast tracked and flawless as Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif approves the policy directives for the long halted auction of licenses for the modern day technology in the country. For this purpose, Minister of IT has sent the policy directives to PTA on October 7 to proceed with the process.3G Policy Pakistan


Licensing is going to fetch billions of dollars for country in wake of revenues as the auction is going to be completed by February next year (2014). A technology neutral policy have been approved by Chief executive of the country to get a fast tracked licensing of 3rd Generation and even 4th generation technology.

The first step according to policy directives is appointment of consultants of international repute who will guide the government on the process of auctioning 3G/4G license transparently.

In the last government led by PPP, auction was not possible because every time there was an initiative launched, crisis of transparency started to rise, Now it is challenge for PML-N government to deliver what PPP government couldn’t achieve. Due to inefficiency of past government Pakistan have already lagged a great deal from rest of the world which is rapidly moving towards launching 4G while we here in Pakistan are dangling with the idea of 3G auctions.

Apart from technological benefits, economic aspects of this auction are also far reaching as $ 1.2 Billion are expected to be raised from this auction according to the budget estimates of 2013-14.

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