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Automated Mobile SIM System Launched By PTA

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and all Cellular Mobile Operators of the country today commercially launched an automated procedure for Sale of Mobile SIMs. According to the details, the framework for the new system, was jointly signed on 19th January 2012 and has been implemented as per agreed deadlines.

As per the new system, the subscribers documentation will be maintained electronically and Pre-Sale would be automated thereby linking it with already automated Post-Sale procedure called 789. PTA said that Since its commercial launch on 1st April 2012 about forty thousand verification requests have been rejected due to new security checks in the system.

PTA hopes that the new system shall not only help to eliminate the misuse of CNIC’s copy but also facilitate in keeping authentic record of SIMs sale thereby enabling track of sale channels in case of any misuse. Moreover, transition of existing Cellular Subscriber Agreement Form (CSAF) to e-CSAF will help to maintain an authentic subscribers database.

Automated Mobile SIM System Highlights


  •     Only original CNIC will be required to be presented at any registered Sale Point to buy a new SIM along-with Terms & Conditions document in the SIM jacket.
  •     The sale personnel shall send the CNIC of the customer to a short code to authenticate sale.
  •     Only SIMs sold through registered sales channels would be activated
  •     Post sale procedures for calling 789, responding to asked questions, agreement to the Terms & Conditions and declaration that the SIM will not be misused; remains the same.
  •     All authorized franchisees and retailers have been given a unique identification and only authorized sellers shall be allowed to sale the SIM.
  •     The sale has been automated to track which SIM has been sold by which particular sale channel (retailer) to ensure accountability.

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