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Best SMS Packages In Pakistan 2013

People here in Pakistan like to send text or sms than to call, here are the amazing sms packages offered by 5 cellular companies in Pakistan. Prices mentioned below are inclusive of taxes so that you know the actual amount you are going to be paying for these packages.

best sms package 2013
Daily SMS Packages 2013

  • Mobilink Daily SMS Package: Mobilink takes first slot when it comes to Daily SMS packages with its Daily Unlimited SMS Bundle being offered at Rs. 4.8 with 1200 SMS giving you an offer to do 250 SMS /rupee. Dial *101*1*01# to activate.
  • Zong Daily SMS Package: Zong is 2nd in this list with Daily package costing Rs 4.80 for 800 SMS with additional MMS also provided with tariff of 166 SMS/rupee. SMS <ESUB> to 700 and reply with 1 for daily package.
  • Warid Daily SMS Package: Warid makes it to 3rd place with a pricing of Rs. 4.2 for 500 SMS making the deal to cost 119 SMS/rupee. write “DS” and SMS to 3333 for subscription.
  • Telenor Daily SMS Package: Telenor with its amazing youth brand Djuice catches 4th position with a package of Rs. 1.80/200 SMS amounting to 111 SMS/rupee. Dial *345*777*1# for subscription.
  • Ufone Daily SMS Package: Ufone comes at last place although its Uth package offer some inexpensive SMS bundles but its daily charging of Rupee 1 which doesn’t make Uth package much inexpensive. SMS “sub” to 605 and you’ll subscribed to a daily package which shall cost Rs. 4.8 for 500 SMS making it about 104SMS per rupee deal.


Weekly SMS Packages 2013

  • Telenor Weekly SMS Packages: Telenor is lead runner when it comes to Weekly package with Rs. 9.6 for 1200 SMs making it 125 SMS/rupee. To subscribe, dial *345*777*2#
  • Warid Weekly SMS Packages: Warid is on 2nd position with weekly package worth Rs. 8.4 for 1000 SMS making it a deal of 119 SMS/rupee. Write “WS” and SMS to 3333.
  • Zong Weekly SMS Packages: Zong gives an offer of 1000 SMS for Rs. 12. SMS <ESUB> to 700 and reply with 2 for weekly package.
  • Mobilink Weekly SMS Packages: Mobilink gives an offer of 1000 SMS for Rs. 13.2. Dial *101*1*07# to subscribe.
  • Ufone Weekly SMS Packages: Ufone doesn’t give any weekly SMS packages.



14 Days SMS Packages 2013

  • Telenor 2 Weeks SMS Packages: Telenor (Djuice)is again leader in this category with an amazing offer of 3500 SMS for Rs. 36. To subscribe dial *345*777*3#
  • Ufone 2 Weeks SMS Packages: Ufone takes on 2nd position with its weekly SMS package costing Rs. 36 for 2500 SMS. To subscribe, SMS “Sub” to 603.
  • Zong 2 Weeks SMS Packages: Zong 3rd in list is Zong with a stupid offer of 500SMS for Rs. 50 which surely none would want to activate.
  • Mobilink and Warid doesn’t provide Weekly SMS bundles.

Monthly SMS Packages 2013

  • Mobilink Monthly SMS Package: Mobilink is on 1st slot in this category as well with an exciting offer 8000 SMS for a price of Rs. 48. Dial *101*1*02# to subscribe.
  • Telenor Monthly SMS Package: Djuice offers 9000 monthly SMS for Rs. 84. Dial  *345*777*4# to subscribe
  • Ufone Monthly SMS Package: Ufone is offering 9000 Monthly SMS for Rs. 96. Offer can be availed by sending an SMS “Sub” to 607.
  • Zong Monthly SMS Package: Zong again offers 500 SMS for Rs. 80.
  • Warid Monthly SMS Package: Warid like  14 days package also doesn’t provide Monthly package.

Best  SMS Packages 2013

  • Telenor (Djuice) is our number 1 cellular company which not only offers SMS packages in all categories but also tops in half of them.
  • Mobilink Although it doesn’t provides a 14 days packages but still it tops in 2 out of 3 categories if offers packages for.
  • Ufone deserves this slot only for one reason that it provides packages in 3 of the categories otherwise the cost of packages is too high.
  • Warid can surely improve its ranking by offering more packages.
  • Zong earned this slot because of its indifference with user experience that despite offering packages in all categories, 2 of them were Absurd.

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