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Cross-Border Mobile Phone Services Between Pakistan and India

Despite a lot of hitch between the telecommunication authorities on both sides, Pakistan and India have agreed to allow mobile phones services across each other’s borders. There has been lack of communications between both the countries, not just politically, but also in terms of modern technology. After the telecommunication companies on both sides get proper approvals from their parent companies and boards, citizens will be able to avail the new connection.

Previously, India had accused spies from Pakistan who were caught through their SIMs from Pakistani telecom companies. Also, there was an issue about Pakistani mobile signals crossing over to India. It usually happens because of the range that a mobile handset provides or due to the coverage that a mobile service provider might have a range of, but when two neighbours hold animosity, it becomes a real threatening problem due to lack of trust and cooperation.

However, now the public has been allowed cross-border calls and certainly this will ease tensions and bring better cooperation. Both countries telecom companies can come out with packages of calls and text messages, and through this economic cooperation, political negotiations can be less burdened.

There are many families having close of kin living on each side of the border and with the mobile usage growing in both India and Pakistan, people can have their preferred mode of communication. Landline connections already exist between the two states, the mobile phones services exchange will be a new element.

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