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E-Learn Digital Education Program For Punjab

In order to elevate the level of education in the province and as a part of Punjab government’s efforts to digitize the schools and education system, under E-Learn program, it has decided to upgrade the learning process by adopting the model which is in practice in other developed countries. 54 thousands schools in Punjab will be equipped with SIM based tablets and smart devices in order to replace dozens of books and heavy schools bags.

E-Learn Digital Education

In the first phase of E-Learn that is scheduled to be completed in the existing financial year, 20,000 schools will be provided with latest tablets with digitized content inside them. Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) while acting as the technology partner in the E-Learn program has converted the curriculum of grade 6 to grade 10 into digital format. Under the supervision of able professionals, the entire digitization of text books took place within the premises of PITB.

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