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E-Library Will Be Introduced In Schools by Punjab Govt

Punjab government has decided to launch the E-Library project in March under which a digitized content would be brought into the educational institutions of the province. In this regard, government has decided to recruit 300 librarians in 565 educational institutions of the province. The recruitment of the librarians shall be done through Punjab Public Service Commission.


The decision to start E-Library has been made at the session held by Provincial Minister for Education, Rana Mashood Ahmed Khan at the Government College Lahore. In the session, it was also decided to integrate the newly build IT labs in the government schools with these new E- Libraries. Various suggestions from the officers were received by the Minister of Education regarding the structure of the E-Libraries.

It was decided that a Content Selection Committee would be formed in which the members of PITB and Punjab Textbook Authority will be included who analyze the quality and selection of the content. Minister also directed the School and Higher Education Officers that they should present their proposals to Chairman HEC within a week.

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