Nadra SMS Vote Verification 8300

8 responses to “Nadra SMS Vote Verification 8300”

  1. Naveed Akhtar Satti

    very good service for verification of vote

  2. faiz kumbhar

    i think this link is good poor womin in inter sindh we take full halip

  3. abdullah nasir

    To pti imran khan

  4. shams ch

    v best service for verifucation of vote

  5. ijaz ali

    yar mera vote mery ilaky me nahi bana me apny ilaky my kesy kerwao

  6. m usman

    yar vote ksy check hota ha

  7. shazina

    Hi, i want to check my vote online but i didn’t found any option to check my vote online…it’s very weird


  8. RM.Hamza

    Hi, I want to check my vote. when I send text to 8300 but hi replied your I’d number is invalid. so tell what I can do

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