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  1. Manzoor

     I have purchased 2 PAC PAD from Mobile Plus Rawalpini on 25-6-2012.
    These are working very well but unfortunately my younger grandson tried to open
     with a wrong pass word so its locked .
    And there appear a message ”Too many pattern attempts” made with wrong password go to Gmail account 
    and when i enter my Gmail ID with valid password it does not accept perhaps wifi on device is off.
    Please let me know what i have to do.I shall be obliged.
    Manzoor Ahmad 

  2. Zaheer

    What is the battery timings???

    1. Aarib Niazi

      It actually depends upon how you use it, Some factors such brightness,Wifi usage alternates the battery usage timings otherwise in normal use, Its battery lasts for about 7-8 hours and takes 5 hours to fully recharge.

  3. Muhammad Shariq

    Dear friend i need this tablet and if you have mobile no. then give me i will call to you. please reply as soon as possible. your land line number is not answering.

    1. mobile plus

      takhti 7 is available on mobile plus shop no 7 singa pore plaza bank road saddar 03335000475 0515110007

  4. bilal

    Manzoor..i m also belong 4m fsd….plz tell me its performance and battery timing………plz tell me its comparative phone in pak market?

  5. bilal

    Dear friend i need this tablet and if you have mobile no. then give me i will call to you. please reply as soon as possible.

  6. Arslan butt

    PAC pad takhti7 now available for order now 03335000475

  7. Arslan butt

    Mobile plus Singapore plaza Rawalpindi

  8. lazy

    doses this support SIM and skype video call???

  9. mansoor ahmed

    aoa. sim aur back camera choice hai (try karain)

  10. Babar Malik

    i have used this crap and do believe me its wastage of money. I bought it and straight forward got issues with it. The technical support is merely a dream and called each and every number available and no body seems interested to resolve the issue. Finally i had to take help from an expert in market and lost Rs. 600.

    Too bad screen resolution, laggy performance if you download over 6-7 apps. and a really really bad experience. The screen cracked the first time i fell it down and guess what the manufacturer dont offer the replacement screen. You will have to take this crap to their factory in KAMRA for this.

    Dont beleive in them if you really do care for your money. a mere disappointment. and by the way its just assembled in Pakistan. hardware from china and software by google, then “made in pakistan” is just a joke

  11. Babar Malik

    a couple of more things….. battery timing will be headache for you after just a couple of months used. No sim card, no memory card slot. Video calls, out of qusetion. more than normal boot up time when you start downloading applications and device got hanged during normal usage even.

    Rest is your choice and i just shared my experience.

  12. ali

    shut up ihave used it and it is good

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