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Pakistan Prepared For 3G Auction

Pakistani consumers have been waiting for 3G networks to get better data connections over mobile phones for years.  Earlier in 2011-12, at least two efforts for auction 3G licenses failed due to various reasons. Now after the appointment of Chairman and Members of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, the government of Pakistan is all prepared to auction 3G licenses in Pakistan.


The government, in this regards, has finalized the policy directive for the auction of long awaited 3G licenses in the country. As per information that we have got, a high-level committee has been formed to expedite the auction process.

Even now the auction has been made possible through a Supreme Court order that directed the government to immediately appoint Chairman and Members for early auction of 3G. After which the appointments were made in almost a rush.

It merits mentioning here that new telecom licenses, such as 3G spectrum, can’t be auctioned without PTA chairman and members.

As soon as the appointments were made, activity for auction of 3G licenses went high. Chairman  PTA and Minister IT and Telecom has already briefed the senate’s standing committee on Telecom and confirmed that policy directive has been finalized.

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