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PakTalk Online Messaging Service App of Pakistan

PakTalk is a new online messaging service app is launched by Pakistan, and is currently available on Google Play for Android users that too for free. The application uses push notifications to notify you of new messages from your social circle. The app uses user’s internet connection like 3G/4G or Wi-Fi, to send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes, and video messages for free.

PakTalk 1

PakTalk works with user’s mobile number just like other famous messaging apps like WhatsApp and synchronize your contacts automatically so that your saved contacts that already have PakTalk Messenger will be displayed under the list of your PakTalk contacts. And while you are offline, the PakTalk Messenger saves your incoming messages and displays the notifications when you connect to the internet again.

However it does not display the status of the contact which we usually see with WhatsApp contacts. The good part is that you can install PakTalk on any device, both cellular and tablets, and can still be accessed through your desktop browser.

PakTalk 2

PakTalk interface is easy and simple. On the top there is a navigation bar which displays three options. Starting from left, first one is magnifying glass symbol which allows the user to search for the available contacts, the second one  is to compose a new message and the third one is the options symbol which allows you to make new Group, create a Secret chat, see new broadcast list, contacts and Settings. Settings is where you can tweak everything from blocking the unwanted users to changing the notifications and sound.

PakTalk 3

PakTalk Features: In addition to texts, PakTalk users can add their location to the chat, send a document, videos and pictures from the gallery, you can send a very recent picture to your contact by using your smartphone’s camera and even forward a game to your friend and it allows  to transfer up to 1GB of data.

The user has also got the option to change its username without revealing the real name. Just like whatsapp, PakTalk uses single and double ticks to indicate whether your message was delivered and read, and you can also see when your friend is typing. Moreover, you can record and send audio file to your friend.

One of the most interesting thing found while scrolling the features is its Secret chat option, and that interface do not save the data and additionally the you have the option to delete a message or file within a specified time which you can set .

You can create groups of up to 200 users and communicate with them. In group chat, you can see how many and which contacts are online at the moment.

PakTalk 4

PakTalk Performance: In our testing of PakTalk, messages were sent and arrived quickly and flawlessly. It is observed to be amazing in performance. It is fast, light and prepared for even the worst access networks. And the app claims that it do not consume much battery due to different technique of receiving messages unlike other messaging apps.

The app is free of cost and allows the user to transfer up to 1GB of data which is massive and it is very important to mention here that the most popular and hyped Messaging app Whatsapp allows to send only 16MB of data, don’t believe. The good and compatible features of PakTalk compels to count it among reliable messaging apps and you must give it a try to check its awesomeness.

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