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PTA New SIM Activation Method 2012

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) introduced a new SIM activation method in collaborate with the all Cellular Mobile Operators of the country. This is a new era of mobile subscriber authentication and authorization which will eliminate the need of paper documentation at the sale points by automating the Pre-Sale procedure thereby linking it with already automated Post-Sale procedure called 789.

As per new SIM activation method customer will have to present his/her original ID card at the time of purchasing new SIM. Retailor will bind this ID card number with the SIM, which will be duly verified when customer will call at 789 for SIM activation. This procedure will also eliminate the chances if illegal sale of SIMs by unregistered sales channels.

The new system shall not only help to eliminate the misuse of CNIC copy but also facilitate in keeping real time record of sale of SIMs thereby enabling track of sale channels in case of any misuse. Moreover, transition of existing Cellular Subscriber Agreement Form (CSAF) to e-CSAF will help to maintain an authentic subscriber’s database.

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  1. R/sir
    My name is DR erum . I want to give you a suggestion about Mobile Sim Activation through 789. I hope u will threw a glance on my suggestion seriously. When a customer call on 789 to active his sim the question for sim verification should be increased. .He should asked for his father and mother N.I.C no as well as his office,home, or any relative P.T.C.L number. because 90% P.T.C.L numbers are registered so that’s why no one can use the P.T.C.L number in fraud or terrorism.
    There should be 24 hour time limitation for a sim activation during this time mobile company make a verification call to customer given P.T.C.L no to confirm identity of this man who want to active the sim. If the customer is involved in any illegal activities or if he misuse the sim then in that case mobile companies will have the advantage of the record of this customer N.I.C and P.T.C.L number as well as other information’s. Because in the both new and old sim activation system which you are introducing mobile franchise can easily active the sims on giving sales target by mobile companies and on available N.I.C photo copy because only franchise are responsible for unknown active sims these are franchise who adopt right or wrong path to achieve the target. example in Saudi Arabia and many other countries no need of sim activation and any documents every year 25 lack to 35 lack Muslims go to saudia for haj and umrah he purchased mobile sims without giving any documents or sim activation he use and disposed sims every year but misuse of sims rate is 1% because there intelligence network is strong if mobile company received any complain from customer he proper investigate check history of customer calls and sms and if he found any prove of misuse then he block mobile sim plus mobile emi number so the misuser person got 2 loses sim block and mobile set block.

  2. 789 py call kar raha hoon liken woh buzy ja raha hai maine apni new warid ki sim activt karni hai.

  3. DR Erum aap nay yeh tu keh diya kay 789 pay call ker kay jab customer sim active keray tu us say us ka ptcl ka number bhi malom keran lakin ziyada ter logon kay pass mobile number hi hotay hain her kesi nay ptcl nahi lagaya hua from farooq jhang sader Email

  4. Meri sim gum hogai hai ye number hai 03022474744 is sim ko band kr dijiye zafar shah ke nam se hai

  5. This services stink I don’t know why they are making such an issue on the sim things when they can’t provied help line service or can’t activate sim card on time this services really do are bullshit

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