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PTA Quality Survey For Mobile Internet Services

The telecom regulatory body, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has recently unveiled its plans to kick off the process to conduct its very first survey to measure the quality of service and customers experience not only for voice but also for mobile broadband services that were introduced sometime last year.

PTA Quality Survey

This additional survey is meant to enable PTA to monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of Quality of Service for 3G and 4G networks in Pakistan to ensure quality standards so that the users may get the services at some appropriate quality standards.

Previously, the authority used to conduct quality of service (QoS) survey of cellular subscribers every quarter but now the customer experience will also be included in the routine exercise.

For this reason, an expression of interest (EoI) for third party services regarding customer experience and operation support subsystem (OSS) has already been advertised by PTA.

According to an official of the authority, the samples collected via old method had limitations while QoS is a new and comprehensive solution which will fetch the experience of entire user base.

The process of QoS and QoE surveys for mobile broadband services will be carried out with the similar survey for voice services and is expected to be completed this year.

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