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PTA Stops Chat Packages On Mobile Phone

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s latest letter to Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs) to stop chat packages, PTA spokesperson has clarified that it is not a new matter but a continuity of the PTA letter of November 14, 2012 on the same issue. However, it is now emerging that that only voice and SMS chat rooms are to get blocked, and the usual SMS bundles and voice bundles that telecom companies offer are going to remain intact.

PTA Mobile Package

Earlier also, PTA after receiving various complaints from Hon’able Supreme Court of Pakistan, Standing Committee of the Parliament, various Senators and MNPAs and the consumers has taken up the matter with the CMOs on the issue of negative social effects of late night packages and chat services.

PTA SMS Call Package

In this regard series of meeting were held with Cellular Mobile Industry subsequent to which PTA letter was issued to all CMOs to stop late night packages/ chat services. It is further clarified that the latest letter dated 29 August, 2013 is continuation of the previous letter regarding chat services.

During the survey, it was observed that some chat services were still being offered by the CMOs. PTA acting on various complaints, issued a new letter barring such chat services. PTA spokesperson further clarified that they have never stopped SMS and call Bundle packages as wrongly reported by a section of press.

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