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  1. Muhammad sohail bakhai

    my name is Mr. / Muhammad sohail bakhai, am an exiting customer with a 1Mb package, now i want to subscribe PTCL National Package

  2. Muhammad sohail bakhai

    My name is Mr. / Muhammad sohail bakhai N.I.C NO. 321036-664020-9, am an exiting customer with a 1Mb package (Broadband Pakistan (DSL), telephone No. (0642524256) now i ALREADY ORDERED to subscribe PTCL National Package THROUGH CALLING 0800-80-800, GAVEN ORDER No. IS 1911OV.

  3. Hanan Ali

    @Muhammad sohail bakhai

    Why are you posting your NIC and Telephone number here ??? This is not a PTCL website nor its a contact us to ptcl. Use your senses !!! If you have any before posting your numbers at forums.

  4. rana sohaib

    i have a 1mb pakage .but i chang into national pakage

  5. rana sohaib

    i chang my1mb pakag to nation pakag pleas chang my pakag my cell no,03346602064 my,ptcl no.0412577370

  6. ghulam mustafa

    i applied for dsl connection and yet i did not get any response its because of the laziness of the employees not the company

  7. Bobby

    Anybody who use that service, please share the experience. How is the actual speed and quality. Is this available in Abbottabad.

  8. PTCL Unlimited Broadband – Ramadan Offer

    […] offering 50 GB data downloading on PTCL National Broadband Package in this Ramadan 2011. PTCL is probably trying to compensate it’s users to some extent. This […]

  9. rafaqat ali khan

    packg chng krna ha 0459397012 (256Kbps )

  10. uzairahmed


  11. uzairahmed

    mujhe evo chaheye

  12. uzairahmed

    esa noe ho sakta ke main ap ke pass aaa jaon

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