15 responses to “PTCL DSL Download Limit Alert”

  1. Noushad Akram

    but you give connection your company said its unlimited connection then what is this

  2. M Waheed

    please clear it that this is 300 giga bytes or 300 giga bits

  3. Fakhar

    I have visited the ptcl office they have said 200GB the why u people say it is unlimited. I am sure if u mentioned it, this will not much effect your business. Cos 200GB is a lot of data. you can’t reach this limit on smaller connections like 1MB and 2MB. But can reach on 4MB and later. But telling lie you are making all your earnings Haram.

    1. danish

      kindly file a complaint against PTCL this on http://www.pta.gov.pk this is not fair consumers have a rite

  4. Muhammad Akram Farooq

    When I installed DSL, in july 2011, it was unlimitted download data policy of PTCL. Now the PTCL has changed its policy of download to only 300 GB which is the worst example of cheating its valued customers. Now PTCL will charge extra for exceeding this limit, which shows its great greed and dishonesty as well as against the moral values. In this way Customers will find unlimited download packages of other companies and PTCL wil lose its customers and face great setback in the form of revenue. I am thinking to disconnect my DSL connection and install some other package in near future.

  5. Fahad ch

    hi guyyyssss how to check used package our 300gb

  6. farhad

    this is cheating of ptcl. i think they should reduce their employes and should not set their load on customers.

  7. junaid

    how to check ramaining downloding

  8. syed shams-udin

    PTCL kee customer service intehayee beykar hai. phone per contact kero ya jaa ker…aap sirf apna waqt aur paisay barbaad kero ge. switch to other companies.

    bhai saab ye information aur knowlegde bhi to ap logon ne daini hain customers ko …jin se itnay paisay lete ho…itna amla aakhir kio bethaya howa hai…jab bata nahi saktay logon ko ye sab. 1218 per call karo ya exchange jao….thakay howay log ptv anouncer kee terha intezar farmanay ka keh daitay hain. Action kuch bhi nahi. aur speed her dafa kam kerdetey hain.

    1. Nisar Ahmad

      Sab say achee aur reliable service PTCL ki hai, in kay paas professionals hein aur accuracy say kaam karnay walay banday.

  9. Farhan

    On 4 Feb, 2013, I switched my package from 1MB to 4MB by calling 1218. PTCL switched my package in no time but I got my 4MB download speed only after 2 weeks. Meanwhile, I registered at least ten complaints at 1218. No matter whatever my words and tone be, each time a new representative used to repeat the following sentences:
    “Kya aap isi number kay sath broadband use kar rahay hain?……….. Line par rahaiy ga, main yahan say check kar lun……….. Aap ka package tau yahan 4MB show ho raha ha……….. Address bar main type karain……….. Username aur password main short letters main admin type karain………… Attenuation aur SNR downstream rates btaain………. Main nay aap ki problem email kay ziriay forward kar di ha……….. Aap kay ghar jald technical staff bhaij dia jai ga……….. Kindly, apna naam aur mobile number likhwa dain………. Inshallah within 24 hours aap ko positive feedback milay gi……….. PTCL call karnay ka shukria, Allah hafiz”
    On 14th day, it struck my mind to phone the man who had come for setting up the connection at my house and then the problem got resolved. Finally, I realized it was my fault to use my brain so late.

  10. Nadeem

    i have10 GB package. how can i check my reamining downloading data?

    1. admin

      Call there help line

  11. maaz

    help line number

  12. Shahbaz Ahmed

    i have10 GB package. how can i check my reamining downloading data

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