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PTCL Freedom Packages Bundle Offer 2014

PTCL has introduced Freedom Package with new bundle offer of free calls and internet broadband and not just one but two packages are introduced.

PTCL Freedom Package 2014

PTCL Single Play Freedom Package: In this package all you have to pay is Rs. 499 and you can enjoy free on-net calls to all PTCL and Vfone numbers. Not only all the calls will be Free but also Unlimited calls for whole month.

PTCL Double Play Freedom Package: According to this package, unlimited calls to PTCL and Vfone numbers can be made for free and that too for whole month by paying only Rs. 250. It also comes with 2 choices of internet broadband packages. You can either choose 1MBps connection which will cost your Rs. 499 per month or you can go for 2Mbps internet connection with Rs. 750 per month tariff. Both of these internet broadband connections come with 10 GB download limit. You’ll also get a free Wi-Fi modem as a bundle with this package.

Interestingly there is no line rent for PTCL number that you’ll get with this package. Calling on Off-net, Mobile and International numbers will be charged according to standard rates.

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