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PTCL Introduce 3G EVO Wi-Fi Router

PTCL Introducing 3G enabled Tenda router powered by EVO, a portable 3G Wi-Fi router that lets you convert your EVO/Nitro dongles into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Just Plug in any PTCL EVO/Nitro USB & connect up to 5 devices on-the-go simultaneously.

Service Description:

Tenda 3G EVO router is a battery powered 3G Wi-Fi router by Tenda which offers support for plug- in of EVO and Nitro USB modems to enable wireless internet connectivity for multiple devices simultaneously using a single USB device. It supports power over USB, so you can plug in any PTCL EVO/Nitro USB and create an instant hotspot for sharing Evo 3G Wireless Broadband internet virtually anywhere.

Tariff Details:

Device Charges: Rs.4000

Standard monthly EVO/Nitro charges shall be payable as per the customer’s subscribed package.

Ordering Details: Service can be availed from selected PTCL OSS

Key Features:

  •     Plug & Share Anywhere
  •     Portable 3G router designed for true mobility
  •     Convert your home/workplace into a personalized Wi-Fi zone with 3G connectivity sharing amongst multiple gadgets/users simultaneously
  •     Connects up to 5 users/ Wi-Fi gadgets at a time.
  •     Tenda 3G EVO router does not offer built-in EVO connectivity. 3G connectivity is established by plugging in PTCL EVO/Nitro devices into the router
  •     Compatible with all PTCL Evo & Nitro USB devices
  •     Excellent pocket size alternative to large DSL modems for home users & for business users with frequent travelling needs.
  •     Battery back-up time of up to 3 hours
  •     Secure connectivity through a unique identification key for each device
  •     Enjoy seamless roaming in 200+ cities nationwide at EVO speeds with nitro connectivity in more than 70 cities across the country.
  •     1 year warranty by Tenda.

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  1. Wow!As I’ve read it’s features having this portable 3G EVO Wifi router at home or anywhere you go is definitely a great help. For it has the best telecommunication services and I consider this one as an all in one package when we talk about sharing, playing and surfing on the go on multiple devices with no internet interruption at all.With this the price really worth it and I’m pretty sure I will enjoy having 3G Evo.

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