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PTCL Jadoo Box Combo Internet Device

PTCL is the leading ISP of Pakistan and has the largest network of Broadband DSL and Broadband Wireless. Now PTCL introduced a combo internet device PTCL Jadoo Box to provide the uninterrupted internet connections for its internet users. This unique device provides dual internet connections, one is wired DSL as a primary connection and a wireless connectivity as a backup.

PTCL Jadoo Box Features

Uninterrupted Connectivity: Go online 24/7. Jadoo Box provides you uninterrupted internet connectivity as it comes with default DSL and an EVO as backup connection
Multiple User Compatibility: Multiple Users at home can access internet simultaneously through a single connections
Faster Speed: Enjoy a high speed internet connection that lets you experience streaming videos, online gaming, multimedia files at much faster pace; therefore, helping you save time
Telephony: Integrate your IP telephony with value added features
LAN Connectivity: Works as Ethernet switch that enables you build residential LAN
Wi-Fi Access: Built-in Wi-Fi access – to provide wireless connectivity for multiple home users
Auto Switchover: The last but not least is the auto switchover between your primary and backup connectivity

PTCL Jadoo Box Tariff


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