Thursday , April 18 2019
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PTCL Vfone Balance Sharing Service

PTCL has announced the availability of balance sharing service for its Vfone customers. The service allows PTCL Vfone customers to share balance through a simple code. Customers can now share any amount between Rs. 20 to Rs 2000 on nationwide basis.

Enjoying the facility of instant sharing, both the sender and receiver will get an SMS alert in case of successful transfer, in case of failed transfer a failure message will be received at the sender’s end.

How to Share Balance on Vfone:

  •     The short code for sharing the balance is 828*Amount to Transfer in Rs.*MDN#.
  •     Example: 828*50*05144556633#
  •     Rs 3.00 + tax will be deducted from sender’s account as balance share charges.
  •     The validity of balance shared will be seven (07) days; these days will be added to existing validities of customer’s main account.

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