Thursday , January 24 2019
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Solar Power Institute Established In Lahore

To over come the energy crises in Pakistan a private sector has established the first solar power institute of Pakistan in Lahore. The institute will produce not only solar specialists in the country but will deliver its expertise in providing solar services and solutions and other consultancy related to the technology.

solar power institute lahore

A solar lab and workshop equipped with modern technologies had also been established in the institute that will provide the training expertise to the desired students. Three day, Five day, Monthly and six month based courses had been introduced in the institute in which training in the sectors of solar installation, operation, maintenance, design, solar cells, business program, engineering and solar standards would be provided.

A couple of days back, govt has also announced to initiate the solar program on wider level in which the solar panel owner can also provide the generated electricity to the national grid via net metering and in this way the electricity bills can drastically be minimized and also the menace of load-shedding can be be curbed bug time.

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  1. Inshaallah dreams come true .

  2. sir i want get adm in solar design and instalation.

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