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TPL Trakker NAV GPS Navigation System for Pakistan

TPL Trakker NAV is a voice guided GPS Navigation System which features the latest and most detailed maps of Pakistan and provides a vast coverage of more than a 100 cities and highways all over Pakistan. The system showcases more than 800,000 points of interest which means that that there are approximately 800,000 points on the system that can be searched.

TPL Trakker features such as House address search took the company several years for development since Pakistan lacks any comprehensive digital maps library which could have been used for the Trakker NAV system.

TPL Trakker NAV Mobile Apps:

Mobile apps have been developed in collaboration with Sygic, which is the leading provider of navigation solutions world over. If any of the readers has ever used Sygic for handheld devices you would know how amazing this software is.

The software which downloads onto your smart phone (android or iOS) can provide you with directions from your current location to the destination of choice. The software also provides search capabilities through which you can search destinations. Also the software is voice enabled and provides turn by turn navigation, guiding its users exactly what route to take and which turn to turn.

The most amazing part of the Sygic platform though is that it does not require an active data connection to search or navigate. The software downloads the map you require onto your phone and that is only when a data connection is required.

Though map size for Pakistan is humongous, 72 MB in fact. Probably cutting the map into cities would have benefited the users a lot. Of course no point of downloading the map on GPRS/EDGE, WiFi is the only option I would say.

Downloaded maps correlate and plots your current location onto the phone. Once you start moving the software utilizes the GPS on the smart phone to coordinate by coordinate update your location onto the device thus giving you exact coordinates as to where you are and your distance and route required to your destination.

Value add on services like these can lay the foundation for future services like live traffic condition update and can further help in better traffic management in major cities of Pakistan.

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