u-blox LTE Software Design Center Pakistan

Swiss-based company u‑blox, a leading provider of wireless and GPS/GNSS semiconductor components, announces the expansion of its LTE software design center in Lahore, Pakistan. It is the company’s R&D center focusing on protocol stack development for embedded 4G cellular communications.

u-blox pakistan

A protocol stack is critical software, often embedded in a chip that enables communications with other devices sharing the same protocol. u-blox’ in-house LTE protocol stack gives the company flexibility and freedom to develop and expand its LTE technology to better target the company’s core market sectors.

u-blox now has R&D centers focusing on all aspects of 4G LTE communications for embedded and machine-to-machine applications. The program will result in off-the-shelf LTE chips and modules serving the automotive, industrial and consumer markets. The company has direct presence in 15 countries, including 9 R&D centers specializing in integrated circuits and modules used for embedded cellular communications and satellite positioning.

Opening of a local R&D office is a crucial move keeping in view government’s intention to auction much awaited spectrum for 3G/4G technology in the coming few months.

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