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Ufone SMS Backup Service

Ufone has introduced a new value added service for it’s customers, Ufone SMS Backup service offers the subscribers to create a SMS backup account and save their valuable sms collection. The subscribers simply have to create an SMS Backup account by sending SUB 3838 or forwarding the SMS they want to save to 3838 for Rs. 0.01+Tax/SMS. After subscribing a password will be generated through which the user can login to their SMS Backup account on All the backed up SMS can be viewed on the subscribers web account.

This service is available to all Ufone Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers, the prepaid users will be charged Rs.5+tax/week and the postpaid users will be charged Rs.20+tax/month.  Each SMS to short code 3838 will be charged at Rs.0.01+Tax/SMS. Users can also unsubscribe to the service by sending “unsub” to 3838.

Upon subscription, if the service is not utilized or paid for within 30 days, the account will automatically be suspended. The SMS Backup will, thereafter, be kept in the database for 15 days within which period, if the service is not resumed, the said backup will be removed from the database.

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