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Ufone Uth Super Buddy Offer Tariff Details

Ufone Uth Pack introduced a new package plan named Super Buddy that offers free calling upto 10 Uth pack numbers. Uth Pack customers can avail this offer by pressing # right after dialing another Uth Pack number. Supper Buddy is an offer exclusively for Uth Pack customers. Using Super Buddy you can add up to 10 friends and enjoy free calls to them. This unique service brings innovation to the addition process and pricing.

Uth Super Buddy

Uth Super Buddy Charges: No charges for Addition of super buddy numbers. First call of the day from party A to party B costs Rs. 5+tax. After the 1st calls, all calls from party A to party B awill be free till 12 A.M. Rs. 1+tax will be charged on deletion or changing the super buddy numbers.

Uth Super Buddy Terms:

  •     This offer is only valid for Uth Pack customers
  •     First call of the day will be charged at Rs. 5+ tax
  •     For the offer to function, the number being added as the Super Buddy must also be on Uth Pack
  •     The person who has added the Super Buddy can enable the discount at the first call of the day
  •     Super Buddy addition is a one-time activity
  •     Not more than 10 Super Buddies can be added at a time
  •     19.5% FED on usage and other taxes at recharge or bill apply
  •     Using a SIM which is not in your name or allowing your SIM to be used by others is a crime – PTA
  •     Terms and conditions apply

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