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Warid Double Number Offer

Warid Double Number Offer allows you to get two numbers on one SIM. Now use two numbers at the same time without carrying two handsets or dual SIM handsets. To activate your Double Number on your existing SIM, SMS SUB to 3311. This offer  is valid for Warid Prepaid subscribers only.

Key Features:

  •     Blocking by Time of the day
  •         Subscriber can specify schedule to shutdown their Double Number for a specific time period. For example from 2am to 8am everyday
  •     Blocking by mobile number – Black Listing
  •         Specific mobile numbers can be blocked for incoming calls or SMS on to the double number
  •     Turn Off/On
  •         Double number can be turned off or on at anytime

You can Manage your Double Number at any time of the day by calling or sending SMS to 3300.

  • 3300 IVR will be charged @ Rs.0.5/min
  • SMS to 3300 will be charged @ PKR 0.5

To make calls and send sms from your double number dial 33 before the mobile number every time you need to make a phone call or send SMS from your Double Number. eg. if your assigned Double Number is 03201234567 & you want to make a call or send an SMS to 03217654321 then dial 3303217654321. Receiving Party CLI will show 03201234567 on its screen. And if you want to make calls or send SMS from your Primary Number, simply follow the normal dialing process.


Subscription charges are Rs : 7/Week

Call & SMS Charges from Double Number

  •     Call Charges per minute – PKR 1.6
  •     SMS Charges – PKR 0.5

Primary number Call/SMS charges

  •     All Calls & SMS will be charged as per package plan
  •     To de-activate the double number SMS UNSUB to 3300
  •     Terms, conditions and taxes apply


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