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Warid Launched It’s Mobile Banking Service In Pakistan

Warid Telecom has joined Bank Alfalah Limited to launch their Branchless Banking Service. The brand name chosen for this purpose is Mobile Paisa. Monet (Pvt.) Limited is the technology provider who employ technology of Visa International in order to provide nationwide Branchless Banking solution to banks and telecom companies.


Warid and Bank Alfalah Limited have the aim to narrow down the gap between banking services and customers by providing state of the art mobile financial services to the consumers. It will bring reliability, convenience and security to the banking services.

Warid Mobile Paisa Services

  •     Money transfer – account to account, account to national identity card, national identity card to national identity card
  •     Bill Payments
  •     Customer Mobile Wallets

This is not all as Mobile Paisa is determined to launch more services that currently are in pipeline.

Warid Mobile Paisa Service Charges

Warid Mobile Paisa Charges

  •     Sending and Receiving Transactional Limit on a CNIC is 15,000 Rupees per month
  •     Number of transactions per CNIC in a month has no limit


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