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Warid Talky Messages – Voice Message Service

Warid has introduced a new in line service Talky Messages, that will allow Warid subscribers to send voice messages to on-net and off-net numbers. Those customers who prefer voice communication over text messages can use Warid Talky productively, especially when other party isn’t receiving call for some reasons. Just drop him/her Warid Talky. Simple as that.

To Send Warid Talky Message

  •     Dial *<number of the person you wish to send the voice talky to> from your phone
  •     Follow the simple voice instructions and record your 30 second message after the beep
  •     Simply hang up the call after recording or follow the instructions in case you wish to re-record your message
  •     Your message will now be sent to the recipient and he/she will be alerted through an SMS from 78888 that they have received a new voice talky message from you!
  •     Once your desired recipient successfully listens to his/her message you will also be sent an SMS informing you that the person has successfully listened to the message!

To Listen Warid Talky Message

  •     You will receive an SMS from 78888 that you have received a new voice Talky message
  •     Now simply dial *0* to listen to your message! Other mobile network customers will have to dial 03242790000
  •     To listen to your voice Talky message again, or to listen to any of your old voice Talky messages simply dial *1* from your phone if you are a Warid customer.
  •     Other network customers will need to dial 03242790001

Warid Talky Messages Charges

  •     Sending new Voice Talky message: PKR 0.6+t/30 sec
  •     Listening to new Voice Talky message: FREE
  •     Listening to old Voice Talky message: PKR 0.3+t/30 sec

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