Zong Announced The Details of It’s 3G Packages

Zong Telecom has launched its 3G services on commercial basis in Pakistan. The launching ceremony was conducted in Headquarter of Zong in Islamabad. Zong management along with Chairman PTA Dr. Ismail Shah and other members of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority participated in this ceremony.

Zong 3G Packages 2014

After the launch of 3G services, Zong Telecom readily available in Lahore and Karachi while in the next few days, Islamabad will also get 3G services of Zong. Zong during the launching ceremony also introduced 3G internet packages / bundles. The packages are daily, weekly and monthly while the maximum data limit will be 4 GB that can be availed by customers for only 650 Rupees per month.

Zong also offers its customers to purchase Add-ons that can be purchased after the customer utilizes the bundle / package. For instance if a customer is using a weekly package and before the time of the package ends, the customer runs out of data limit, the customer can purchase any Add-on and continue using the internet. Still if a customer is out of bundle and he/she has not subscribed to any Add-on, still the 3G service can be availed at 1 Rupee per MB.

Package Amount Limit of Data Duration Activation Method

Daily Bundles

Mini Package 04 Rupees 04 MB 1 Day/24 Hours SMS ‘mini’ to 6464
Basic Package 10 Rupees 30 MB 1 Day/24 Hours SMS ‘db’ to 6464
Premium Package 20 Rupees 80 MB 1 Day/24 Hours SMS ‘dp’ to 6464

Weekly Bundles

Premium Package 70 Rupees 280 MB 07 Days SMS ‘weekly’ to 6464

Monthly Bundles

Mini Package 50 Rupees 150 MB 30 Days SMS ‘m150mb’ to 6464
Basic Package 150 Rupees 500 MB 30 Days SMS ‘m500mb’ to 6464
Premium Package 1 250 Rupees 1 GB 30 Days SMS ‘m1gb’ to 6464
Premium Package 2 350 Rupees 2 GB 30 Days SMS ‘m2gb’ to 6464
Premium Package 3 650 Rupees 4 GB 30 Days SMS ‘m4gb’ to 6464

By default, Zong customers can use 3G internet at a flat rate of 10 Rupees per MB. Zong has also introduced free social package via which for a limited time only, Zong customers will be able to use unlimited Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter.



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