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  1. osama

    we want our hazara back this is our right

  2. sameed akhtar

    beautiful scene

  3. tahila khan shilmani

    what a beautiful and clean and health ful city Abbottabad and very good tribs of Abbottabad like a ghakkars in haripur, abbotabad, mansehra and also extend into mardan (nwfp),

    awans (qutb shahi) found in haripur abbotabad mansehra and all the way into mardan and peshawar divisions nwfp

    and after that all the tribes of hazara the majority are pashtuns or afghans

    dilazaks a pashtun tribe in haripur abbotabad and mansehra

    swatis found in (mansehra,batagram,kohistan(tribal) extend into kaladakh (pata tribal areas of mansehra) into nwfp as far as dir buner and bajaur tribal agency
    most powerful tribe in hazara division are swatis

    sayyad found all over hazara, known as pathan sayyads , a brave and valiant holy race respected throughout the division

    tareens found in haripur a pashtun tribe who migrated 200yrs ago from kandahar speak hindko and pushto.

    shalmani a tribe found in haripur .Abbottabad pawa village phoolan de Bandi Kakul village Kalapul Mirpur Havilan and Nawanshir tribal areas of hazara and it’s borders. again they follow tribal law sulamani shilmani akhoonkhil.

    jadoons a pashtun tribe , the cheif and most populace tribe of abbotabad also found in haripur

    mashwanis a tribe found in haripur who speak pushto they are a pathan syed tribe.

    tanoli are of amb in mansehra where they were invaded by the afghans from tanuwal and fell under their tribal confederecy. they live in amb (tanawal) in mansehra tanawal tribal area which british kept a tribal territory hence they are a pashtun tribe from tanuwal in afghanistan who mixed with janjuas of amb.
    they are hindko speakers also live in haripur abbotabad whilst tanolis living in swati areas of mansehra like balakot oghi ilaqas and batagram district speak pushto .
    but i bet u gonna come and spew the usual bullshit but just for the record tanolis resisted the sikhs so that just puts the tanoli love of punjab to rest.

    gujarsgujars a tribe found throughout hazara decended from gujar pratihara empire and came from georgia with white huns, migrated from gujrat rajasthan to Kashmir and the north due to drought.

    Dhunds found in haripur and abbotabad and they are abbasis

    Karlals who are of kashmiri origin their main seat is nathiagali

    Jadoons were freedom fighters and they showed bravery against their rivals, especially the Sikhs and the British with other prominent Pashtun tribes of the region like Swati, Tareens and Mashwanis. Jadoons leader Sakhi Jan Jadoon has been martyred during the freedom efforts against the Sikhs in the 18th century.

  4. Fahad Tareen

    Khyber pakhtunkhwa zinda abad pukhtonistan zinda abad afghanistan zinda abad

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