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  1. Expert Opinion: High tidal waves expected in Attabad Hunza Lake

    […] Attabad Lake Hunza is Pakistan biggest Lake of its kind. Now it has covered 35 Kilometers. Artificial lake formed by the blockage of the Hunza River from January 4, 2010 Attaabad landslide has grown to a volume of over 132 million cubic meters. Glacial melting, avalanches and outburst of glacial lakes in the catchment since the beginning of May 2010 has substantially increased the rate of inflow, bringing the surface level of the lake 4m short of the bottom of the spillway created for the outflow of the impounded water across the landslide dam on May 20, 2010. An enigma for authorities and public has been the lack of reliable forecasting of scenarios when overflow starts in the next couple of days. There are more questions than answers. Will the dam withstand overtopping through the recently constructed spillway? […]

  2. ZubairbMahmood.

    PAKISTAN is a vary beautiful cuntary.

  3. Z.Iqbal

    I need detail note on hunza artificial lake, please help me and send vial email , thanks

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