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Black Buck Wildlife Centre Bahawalpur

Blackbucks are native to India and Pakistan, where they were widespread in plains and open woodlands; western deserts, and northern mountains limited their distribution. Today, extensive hunting and habitat destruction have restricted blackbuck to only small, isolated populations in their former native habitat.

In Pakistan the blackbuck lives in semi-desert areas, such as Cholistan and Thar. Today the blackbuck is an occasional straggler along the eastern desert border areas of the country. There is no permanent resident population today in Pakistan. During the late 1970’s and early 80’s small populations of blackbuck were brought from Texas, U.S.A to start a reintroduction program in Pakistan. These projects have had some success and now there are small captive populations of blackbuck in 3-4 locations, particularly in Kirthar and lal Sohanra National Parks.

The breeding success achieve at Lal Sohanra is 413 animals (Dr. A.Aleem,1998) where as from Khar time to time number of Black Bucks provided to the eminent conservationists for further propagation in their private reserve. At present about 500 animals are surviving in Mir of Khairpurs Mehrano reserve, 110 at Khangur, Ghotki and 70 at New Jatoi, Nawab Shah. However at Khar Center only 35 animals (R.A.Rajput 1999) remain. Except these, some are kept in different zoo’s, wildlife centres and in possession of individuals. At present all together about 1500 Black Bucks are reared in captivity and they are surviving in Punjab and Sindh regions of Pakistan. These will be released in the wild in the near future.

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