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  1. western rout is just lolly pop to innocent politicians of kpk and Siraiki area .All the projects has been proposed on eastern rout. only one power project is proposed in Muzaffergarh because already there is thermal power project which is near to PARCO.Govt. should provide equal opprrtunities for development to other area also not only Takhat e Lahore

  2. we should appreciate any progress on economic corridor either on eastern or western route.this project will strong our econmy & spread properity in pakistan.KPK C.M.comments regarding corridor is useless & critics.

  3. Muhammad Zunnoorain

    The wishes of KPK government must be fullfilled because KPK is also going to be an industrial region in coming decade.
    And also the present government always prefers punjab as other parts are not included in pakistan.

  4. PTI and KPK Govt have always claimed that they want to change the fate of a common man by changing their vision. They want to give “SHAOOR” to a common man and not the roads. They have always criticised the construction of roads in Punjab.Now they are dying for a ROAD. What a ……….!

  5. KP aur Balochistan se hamesha imtiazi salook kiya jata hai.. Qurbaniyo k liye sirf KP ki awam hi reh jati hai..Please Pakistan ki khatir tamam subo ko equally treat kiya jaye.

  6. Kuch log vese h kbab mese hadia chone k adi hote hn. Pak ko taraki Kate dekh nai sakte. Jao pele apna kichann bath to chek khud muchkarte hn or na dosron ko karne dete hnn.

  7. the western rout is the shortest and efficient one, and also the western part of pakistan has always been neglected either in Balochistan or in KPK, so their for in order to make pakistan a one unit in true means then western rout should be preffered, eastern rout is sensless, just to increase Nleag votes, thats it…

  8. The more you treat people unequally, the more Pakistan going towards destabilization. Now leadership must think about it, people are more wise. All provinces must be treated equally according to the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The Change in the route was injustice for small provinces, the dominance of Punjab remains harming our Country.

  9. plz try to remove all objection & reservations of kpk & balochistan for the sake of pakistan. leave aside personal,regional and provencial benafits.

  10. Baluchistan or kpk ko apnah haq do

  11. Pakistan will be an industrial country and there will be prosperity and opportunities for becoming a stable country linked with the regional countries all the time its a fruit of
    Pak China friendship

  12. Its an opportunity to create better pakistan if employed all provinces on equality especially KPK which seemed deperived of basic facilitis among ongoing and proposed projects…But unfortunately people select PMLn for only roads and metro so they deserve accordingly all consequencies of burden of loan taken in the form of CPEC

  13. yahan jitna log b ye sochta hain k kpk and balochistan ko kahmosh ho jana chaheye is na insafi par k sara tarakiyati kam punjab or sindh main kia ja raha hain…..or kpk and balochistan ko un ka asal haq ni mil raha…
    terrorism ho tu mara pathan….
    bijli kpk bnata hy but us ko 600mw km milti hy..
    balochistan gas and oil dta hy but us ko ye saholiyat ni farahm bijli b ni di jati tkribn un ko
    punjab k liay funding khul k hoti hy but kpk and balochistan ko funds he ni dia jata tarakiyati kamun k liay
    pak china coridor ka asal rute jo 2012 main final hua tha wo sara kpk k pasmanda ilakun and balochistan main sa guzarta tha,,,,but punjabi baloch or pakhtoon ko taraki karta daikh ni skta….
    ab ye hmra mulk pakistan ni hy…ths is only punjabistan….
    i wish kpk and balocohistan is punjabistan sa seperate ho jain…
    and as a pathan jitna mjy pta hy apni qoum k bara main,,hope so hm jald seperate ho jain ga…
    hmra pas gas b hy,,oil b hy,,bijli b hy,,industries b hain,agriculture b hy,,,we dnt need to b the useles part of punjabistan…..

    han agr ap is ko sahi mayniyun main pakistan bnao sb ko equal rights do tu hm pakistan ka hisa he rhna chahain ga..

    i hope hm pathans mri bat sa itifak krta hun ga..

    • my dear pathan brother go to afganistan if you want pukhtoonistan as afghan~pathan are similar casts

      • Arsalan shb. is khush fehmi mai na raho k pkaistan tum logo ki jageer hai….afghanistan mai pakshtoono ki hukamat hai or adha pakistan afghanistan mai ata hai after partition it separated…or jahan ab pakshtoo rahthy hai Pakistan mai kahe b… wo pashtoono ki forefather ki jageeer hai..ALLAH un ko har nahmat se nawaza punjanistan ki waja se ajj un ki ye halat hai or apni na etifaqi ki waja se.

        or is mulk e Pakistan k development mai succes mai whether sports, economic,army , sacrificing,technology, etc mai pashtoon ka sub se ahla or sub se ziada kirdaar hai.

        punjabistan sirf baton k sher or teez chalak or makkar hai…kabhi b un k dil kisi dosray k sath nae milngay kiu k un k dil mai bughaz hai. except little no of them.

        Ajj wafaaq mai 5000 hazaar seat baluchistan k empty pary hai. lakin us per sara punjabistan ne qabza kiya howa hai supreme courte mai ab tak case chal rahe hai.or bahana ye laga rahe hai k balushoistan k log nae atay…

      • uzair is som how right… but uzair afghanistan l logo ne apnay mulk k sath he wafa nae kiya….pakistan ne america ko anay nae diya bhaipakistan ne america ko bghany mai afghnistan ki or mujhadeen ki madad ki..ager ajj wo america yaha hota tou pakistan ki halat b afghanistan jesay hoti….america na tumhra hai na humara . wio islam ko badnam or khatam karna cahthy hy hai.isliye us ne mukhtalif kind k taliban groups banae that k ttaliban badnam hojae. or log un se nafrat start karay ye azal se un ki sazishain rahe hai…..

  14. afghanistan is more beter thn pakistan,,,,,
    or wahan aj jo kuch b ho rha hy us ki main waja pakistan ki awam leadership esp punjab hy,,,,
    pakistan nain he ada dia amrica ko wahan atack krna k liay….
    wrna wahan na koi rape hota,,na murder,,na chori daka,,na rishwat or cruption etc….
    taliban ki hakoomat ko isi waja sa america nain pakistan ki help sa chlna ni dia

  15. uzair ahmed Afghanistan is such a crap you must be an illustrate pathan other wise you won’t

    comment such a shit …………..

  16. This is a shit project only nothing more else as much as Pakistani nation is expecting. This will make beggars more and more Internationally as we are and servant of the Chines nation. So no need to be happy so.

  17. bye bye pakistan 🙁
    punjab china economic corridor

  18. it seems like hamara kuch nhi ho skta…….there is no need our enemies to do something bad in our country because we are all enough for that such a shame for us to make every project controversial….

  19. Abdus samad Khattak

    How CPEC has projects like “Lahore metro bus” and “Lahore circular road” whether it goes upto china from Gwadar ?

  20. this is good 4 our bright future ,,,

  21. khalid Siddique Khan

    seems like India is already done with its brain washing to Pakistani’s blank minds, look at the comments, do we seem like a nation? its natural in our region no one give a damn to country as a whole everyone just want their personal stake at door step, look at the nation’s enemies writing Punjabistan, Afghanistan is better, go to Afghanistan, something i wasn’t expecting on this forum, instead of finally cheering an applause on this worthwhile milestone everyone wants make his own country, we’re such dump people cannot understand when we share out motive with the enemy’s one, please get together and make a strong Pakistan, everyone will the benefits like a whole body get nourishment while food goes to stomach only.
    food for thought…..

  22. Voice of a common Pakhtoon of KPK

    Well done Punjab and Nawaz Shareef ( Enemies of Pathans). KPK has been always ignored when it time for benefits. KPK is sacrificing and ruining its population, financial, infrastructure and cultural for sake of Pakistan on front line battle. The planed shortest and designed Economic China Corridor ( Western Route) from KPK has been changed to benefit Punjab. Ignoring regions of Bannu, Laki, Karak and Kohat which could also connect to trade route to central Afghanistan through Kurram, NWA and SWA. The right of people of KPK and FATA is given to Punjab by saying Punjab is also Pakistan not India. Every time Pakhtoons ( KPK and FATA) have been promised to Start work on WESTERN Route but always lied and punjab have been preferred. Punjab want to create situation like Baluchistan in KPK and FATA but violating right of other provinces because they think Punjab is only Pakistan.

  23. sab k sab aloo ka pahty ho ,,,koye panjabi ny ,,phatan ny sab ,,ak ho,,,.

  24. Love you Pakistan and Nation

    until now pakistan cannot built kalabagh dam, because every one is thinking in his favour is what, so the project been postponed, and result is in case of power shut down, lack of power and a full stop to prosperity of the country, best wishes for the idiots who is being punjabi, pakhtoon instead of being pakistani, shame to you all

  25. There is no any project in western Baluchistan
    Zoab to Quetta

  26. there is problem with some nationalist Pathan on this rout i want to know by u that is HAZARA division is not belong to KPK u people have problem with HINDKOWAN people because of that u are not happy . china also tell people that there is no western eastern rout these people want to make that project controversial as kalabagh dam

  27. INSHALLAH CPEC will be completed very soon.

  28. Cpec complete hony k bad b agr balochistan k logon ko un haq na mila tho as ka zmadar kon hoga ???????

  29. Chal kya raha h hmary PAAAKiSTAAN mn.
    Mulk ka naam change kro ya apny AAMAAL?

  30. PATAN, BALOOCH, SINDI, PUNJABI, KASHMERI, BALTISTANI ,, hum sab pakistani awar hamay pakistani hunay par fakhar hai,,,,cpec banayga,liken india is ki mukhalif hai ,,kionkay kay wo pakistan ki econamy ko acha nahi dekskata ,,, ab cpec ko kharab karnay kay liay wo din rat lagay hoi hain, kisi na kisi tarah har shakal mai is ko dubanay ki koshish mai hai,,, liken ye khwab un ki poora hunay nahi daingay,,, inshallah cpec banay ga,, awar pakistan taraqi karaga. saray sobay taraqi karaga,,inshallah,,, liken hum sub mutahid hai awar rahegay,,, inshallah agar zindagi rahi,, to 2025 main pakistan aik taraqi yafta mulka hoga awar dunia mai bara islami QALLA hoga,, yar hum sab bahi bahi hai,,,ye chotay chotay batain to gar mai hotay hain liken in bato say koi gar nahi chorta,,,,,, isi tarah humpkistani awar humara jan pakistan kay liay har waqat hazir hai,,,,,,,,i love all nations of pakistan ,,,,and proud to bi pakistani. pakistan zindabad,,,,,

  31. Bhaio may be pathan hon aur pathan log b pakistan k waris hain hamare barho nay b hoon bahaya hay pakistan k ley aur es k baad hum b peche nai hatenge par oper aik bhai nay reply may leka hay k agar ap pathan ho to afghanistan chale jaw may ye nai kehta k sare punjab wale aik jaise hain par punjab may es bhai k tarah negitive minded log bohot hay aur rahe baat rahdare k to ye jahan b hoga pakistan k behtare k ley hoga hum sab nay sirf pakistan ka sochna hay na k hum kpk punjab sidh baloch .hum sub aik hain.aur specilly ye os gadhe jaise aqal rakne wale bhai k ley may nay comments k name may daikta hon aur neche comments may lekta hon.

  32. So he is arsalan gadhaaaaa???????

  33. Long live Pakistan, long live (kpk, Punjab, Baluchistan, sindh, gilgit baltistan & Kashmir)

    India Tera fitty mou, jo mrzi kr le cpec bny ga.

  34. Muhammad Aaif Awan

    Pathan aur Baloch hamara Fakhar han puri qaum ka ghroor hen. Jis ne bhi mere bhaion ka dil dukhaya hay us ne Dushmani ki hay Pakistan k sath.

  35. Maher Muhammad parvaiz Akhtar

    No doughat chania is our friends country ,but in this project actual benifshery is chania,our ledership claim that our future entirely would be change on completion of this route in not based on fects ,No body know the actual person who buy the Gawadar,He was ex prime Minister of united pakistan Mr,Ferooz Khan Noon. And amount was paid by the Agha Khan 3.the spiritual Leader of agha khan sect, I salute the vision of both person. they was the great leader of my country. and founder of Gawadar. Maher Muhammad PARVAIZ Akhtar, Mailsi distt, Vehari, punjab

  36. jahanzaib kakar ....

    there is no any new constuction on westren rout just upgrading the previous single rout … also the zhob band Di KHAN road is constucted by asian bank not by cepec project …. balochistan is deprived from the vreal benifits of cepec …..

  37. Arshad Pakistani

    Salam and blessing of Allah to every body in Pakistan and world over. i appreciate the discussion of all pakistanis on their rights. and i will more appreciate if we all develop a constructive discussion, like we can propose more projects for KPK and Balochistan. this will reflect our ture aspirations for the people of our respective communties. we all must think positively for our communities and highlight our own contribution for our communities may be , even if it is small.
    if we qurrel for each province, the we qurrel next time for each district in the province because in all provinces disparities among districts also prevail and then for tehsils, so on. so please give beautifull ideas for developing KPK, Balochistan, Sind, Punjab, GBT and FATA. because development in any part is the development of Pakistan.
    KPK Zindabad
    Balochistan Zindabad
    Pakistan Zindabad

  38. Good to read out, well post. CPEC is no doubt a great project and beneficial for Pakistan, China and middle east. This will impact in future. China producing many products for the whole word, no any country refuse for this. pakistan will jointly progress with china hopeso :). Hope there will be much rush one-day on


  40. karachi mein barish kb hogi bhaii

  41. kisi bachii ka number dedo yarr,,

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