7 responses to “Hazara Motorway/Expressway Route Map”

  1. amir iqbal

    phase 2 kahan say guzray ga

  2. Muhammad Bashir

    The Hazara Motorway will be open new opportunities doors for tourism in the lush green hills stations. the Credit goes to Mian Nawaz Sharif PMLN who’s government all the time focusing to improving infrastructure through out the Pakistan. This is because of visionary thought of PMLN leader ship. While their past regimes the mega projects done are itself explanatory for their commitment, honesty, hard work and dedication for bright future of Pakistan. I Pray that Almighty Allah give them more courage to do so. Also wish to continue the same Government in next turn as well. with many goods whishes. Muhammad Bashir Farooq (bfi3776@gmail.com

  3. Arif Aslam Khan

    Highest amount of bungling is involved in Constructing Motorways/Expressways and Nawaz Sharif Family is master at constructing them, its a two edged sword, the illetrate people boast its Construction while their pockets are being ripped by these two brothers.

    1. Azzy M

      Butt hurt?

  4. majeed3040@gmail.com

    i pray GOD give long life to leader ship who take interest to develop road infrastructure espacially in northern areas .majeed

  5. ihtisham ul haq

    What is the exact month of anaguration of hazara motorway?

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    […] E 35, or Hazara Expressway, is a 110 kilometre under-construction expressway linking Hasan Abdal in Pakistan’s Punjab […]

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